Outsiders' View of Europe

The development of communication system in the modern era enabled the print-media outlets to take the center stage in building the bridge between communities throughout the globe, including Europe.

The inception of online-media and its mass utilization have furthered the bridging process, and hence narrowed down the gap between the communities which lives far apart.

Europeans have been sharing their views on the Europeans affairs almost from the time when print-media took the center stage in building the bridge communities and this trend continued in online-media era, where internet dominates everything.

There was a new addition too.

Internet’s technological advancement and its mass utilization worldwide have enabled European media outlets to accommodate even the views of the non-Europeans. However, such accommodation had given voice to the non-Europeans on matters mostly concerning their respective regions or countries outside Europe.

Thus, when the non-Europeans wished their views on European affairs to be published in a western outlet, they had no other options but to express these views in North American media outlets, especially the ones in the US.

However, days are changing.

Globalization, with the mixture of internet, has been enabling the European media outlets to accommodate more and more views on Europeans affairs coming from non-Europeans.

The very fact that the OUTSIDERS’ VIEW OF EUROPE BLOG is here in the European media periphery with the courtesy of Blogactiv and Euractiv – the outlets that deal mostly on European matters – is a reflection of this very reality.

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